Clean & Green Purity & Quality

Clean, Green Purity & Quality

Sotru Flask Field Science

From Seed to Self
At Sotru – it is our vow to be true to you with the products that we nurture from organic seed, farm and field, to the loving comfort of your home and ultimate infusion into the very living cells of your vibrant being.

FERMENTATION: Ultimate Whole-Food Nutrition Beyond Raw!
Each and every Sotru product contains fermented ingredients. Fermentation breaks down otherwise indigestible plant materials, while releasing full nutritional potency and ensuring maximum digestion and assimilation. Like most everything we do – our fermentations and formulas are proudly done in-house.

Grass Roots Growing!
We have created partnership with organic farmers in the cultivating, planting and harvesting of our whole-food fruits, veggies, herbs and other dietary ingredients. Our exclusive partnerships enable us to carefully control and ensure the highest quality of raw material, as well as its sustainability.

SoTru Direct to Health Food Stores Nationwide
Once we receive our raw materials from our farming partners, we ferment, manufacture, package and ship our products directly to health food stores nationwide. Our manufacturing facilities have 3rd party Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification, the GOLD standard for natural products manufacturing, to ensure ultimate product safety and efficacy.

Tru to the Planet
It is important to us that our mark on the planet is a positive one. We take careful measure to ensure that each and every ingredient in each and every product is not only sustainable, but is grown in an environment and manner that does not compromise, but compliments our planet and future generations.

FREE from Bad Stuff, so You Are Too!
Sotru is about clean, green healthful living. Our products are derived from organic, whole foods [GB1] that are gluten-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, and free from any added sugar whenever possible.

Purity and Natural Potency
Product purity, potency and safety is further ensured through our very own internal quality assurance department as well as 3rd party outside validation testing.

So Grateful
We are so grateful that you have entrusted us with your health and nutrition and we have taken every measure to create a vertically-enabled, and sustainably-responsible company dedicated to your vibrant health and wellbeing.