Purity & Quality

Sotru Flask Field Science

Sotru® is dedicated to Inspiring Nutritional Lifestyles, giving the health conscious individual control over their health and wellness. Empowering People to be their TRUSELF.

SOTRU® was born out of the desire of its founders to create a truly unique and scientific-based company. We envisioned products that would make our customers lives better, while also keeping Mother Nature in mind 

Our solution was to cut out middlemen and work directly with the farms to bring you the healthiest and most innovative products at a much lower expense.  The company has deep infrastructure and background; we leverage our global reach and vertically-integrated process to give you the best, most cutting-edge products without having to charge a premium.

We had to make it affordable and we refused to produce anything that wasn’t of the highest quality.  Our exclusive partnership allows us to deliver premium products to our customers.

  • Our extensive global network of exclusive partners and controlled manufacturing = vertical integration
  • Certified organic manufacturing. 
  • cGMP certified by NSF
  • In-house quality control application laboratory
  • Expert technical resources


Our Quality Policy:

Sotru® Quality begins even before we begin manufacturing.  With expert technical staff, we begin by formulating science-based products with the most advanced ingredients.  By controlling product development from raw material selection to manufacturing the finished product, we strive to exceed industry standards for quality and provide our customers with efficacious, potent and safe nutritional supplements every time they order.

Sotru Plant Photo - Drum Dryer            Sotru Plant Photo - Capper and Induction