Eating foods in their most basic and unprocessed raw form is a simple way to retain the healthy vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and enzymatic benefits of certain fruits and vegetables; those which are otherwise lost by cooking or even steaming. In recent years, the term “raw” has taken on new meaning and is often used to describe a lifestyle movement, which focuses on avoiding all highly-processed, refined, fried or baked foods.

While eating “raw” sounds ideal, many people cannot adequately digest many foods in the raw format. Gas, pain and bloating, along with loose and frequent elimination are common gripes among those who are new to a raw foods lifestyle.

And then there is the over-commercialization of the term “raw,” misused to promote food products that are clearly not in their whole, unrefined state. Common sense tells us that raw foods, rich in naturally occurring enzymes and high in water, decompose very rapidly once they have reached their peak maturity. They do—unless fermented! The process of fermentation naturally preserves food when “good” bacterial microorganisms proliferate and significantly outnumber “bad” bacteria and other pathogens.

Fermented foods are “beyond raw,” because all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes are intact, while the process of fermentation takes the health benefits a step further; breaking down indigestible plant compounds and releasing the foods’ full nutritional potential in a form that is optimally bioavailable to the body!

SoTru brings these health benefits to you and your family in the form of fermented whole food supplements, such as convenient powders and drink mixes—leaving NO excuse to not appreciate the benefits of “BEYOND RAW” fermented foods!