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Fermentation of Whole Foods
The Ultimate In Nutrition

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is an ancient culinary art that has been used for thousands of years to enhance digestibility, nutrient density and flavor while naturally preserving foods.

Fermentation of key ingredients ensures that digestion and absorption of health supporting plant nutrients is fully optimized, and by the very nature of you consuming them, becomes the very fiber of your being.

Fermented Goodness in Every Product

Each and every SoTru product contains fermented ingredients. Fermentation breaks down otherwise indigestible plant materials, while releasing full nutritional potency and ensuring maximum digestion and absorption. Like most everything we do — our fermentation and formulas are proudly crafted in-house.

Our TruFermTM Process

At SoTru, we ferment our whole-food nutritional products in-house using a multifaceted fermentation process called TruFermTM.

Both ancient fermentation practices and exacting modern methods are practiced to yield peak nutritional value and digestive value.

TruFermTM is not just one process, but many, tailored to the type of plant food being fermented.

Each and every plant food undergoes a carefully crafted fermentation process, which includes timing,

temperature and the absolute most ideal starting culture to create consistent and exceptional quality and potency.

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 So Grateful

We are so grateful that you have entrusted us with your health and nutrition and we have taken every measure to create a vertically-enabled, and sustainably-responsible company dedicated to your vibrant health and wellbeing.