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New Hope Natural Media Announces SoTru as Finalist for the 2016 NEXTY Awards

Guess who’s just been nominated for a NEXTY AWARD?? guessed it.

From more than 500 nominations, our product, SOTRU Medicinal Mushrooms Drink Mix, was chosen as one of the three finalists in the Best New Organic or Non-GMO Supplement category for the NEXTY Awards!!!!

New Hope Natural Media, the leading content, event, and data and research producer in the natural, organic and healthy products industry, announces the finalists of its prestigious NEXTY Awards. The twice-annual award, which is connected to New Hope’s Natural Products Expo shows, is bestowed upon products that display true innovation, inspiration and integrity with the purpose of bringing more health to more people. From delicious sauces, snacks and desserts to revolutionary supplements and green products for the home, pets, kids and body, the vast field of finalists displayed high standards in transparency, sustainability, packaging, use of ingredients and give-back missions.

We are so excited to be nominated!  The winner will be announced on the Sunday, March 13th!!

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SoTru official sponsor for hit show Healing Quest on PBS!

Excited and honored to be a sponsor for the national television series on PBS stations across the country, Healing Quest!!  Keep up the great work Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst!

Healing Quest, now in its 13th season, was launched in October of 2003 and has cleared over 100 PBS stations covering about . 65% of U.S. TV households.   Overseas it has been licensed to broadcasters in Australia, Thailand, England, Canada, Portugal, Israel, South Africa and Discovery Latin America.

Produced by Lightbridge Media, the goal of Healing Quest is to provide mainstream television viewers with useful, well-researched information on the expanding array of holistic and natural choices available to help them achieve optimum health – a level of wellness that transcends the mere absence of illness and encompasses maximum well-being of mind, body and spirit.

Most half-hour episodes feature two major stories profiling leaders in the field of wellness, discussing integrative healing therapies, natural health products, and holistic approaches to well-being.  Among the topics often included in Healing Quest are:

  • Inner World Insights with Michele Bernhard, Author, Intuitive Healer
  • Herbal Insight with herbal expert Mark Blumenthal founder of the American Botanical Council
  • Healing Wisdom with Dr. Deepak Chopra; and\Healing Moment Meditations featuring music from John Hoy and beautiful nature cinematography from Louie Schwartzberg’s Moving Art Project

Healing Quest is hosted by Judy Brooks, Roy Walkenhost with Inner World segments featuring Michele Bernhardt.  Seasons 4 through 9 are co-hosted by entertainment icon Olivia Newton-John, Judy Brooks, and Roy Walkenhost available on Amazon Prime.

To see where the show airs in your area, check it out here:


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SoTru Awarded – Top 5 Organic Food Products of Natural Products Expo East 2015

We are proud and honored to be one of the few included in Living Maxwell’s Expo East’s Top 5 Organic Food Products of Natural Products Expo East 2015!!

“Started by former executives from Barlean’s, SoTru is doing something really smart. They are fermenting green powder, thereby making it more bio-available and pre-digesting fibrous material, such as cellulose-rich plant cell walls.” –

Click on video to see all reviews!

top 5 at expo video

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SoTru Launches at Expo West

SoTru launches with SUCCESS at Expo West 2015

What is the absolute purest, greenest, most nutritious and best tasting thing I can put into my body to support my overall health and vitality?

For SoTru founders, Jade Beutler and Rick Haynes, the answer was a whole-food nutrition source that was free of questionable ingredients… One that provided a multitude of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, plant-based protein and phytochemicals… One that fermented key ingredients for maximum digestibility and optimal nutrient absorption—with a craveable taste. In short: NO compromises!

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