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Fermented Foods – Beyond RAW!

Eating foods in their most basic and unprocessed raw form is a simple way to retain the healthy vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and enzymatic benefits of certain fruits and vegetables; those which are otherwise lost by cooking or even steaming. In recent years, the term “raw” has taken on new meaning and is often used to describe a lifestyle movement, which focuses on avoiding all highly-processed, refined, fried or baked foods.

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The Wonderful World of Medicinal Mushrooms

What comes to mind when you think of mushrooms?

A delicious addition to dinner? The splendor of a nature hike? Experimenting with “magic mushrooms” during your college days?

It’s true that mushrooms can feed you,  but did you know that certain species offer powerful support for immunity, stress recovery and heart health?

From cap to mycelium, mushrooms offer much more than meets the eye.

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WHOLE FOODS: The True Secret of ALL Healthful Eating Plans

Isn’t it wild to think about just how much our food has changed over the last 30 years? From microwave meals and fad diets to confusion over the safety of industrial agriculture and conflicting nutrition opinions among trusted professionals, “healthy eating” can be difficult to define and even harder to stick to.

We are all human, yet each one of us is truly a unique individual with different dietary requirements, given our ancestry, lifestyles, health goals and values. This means that optimal diet plans—such as the ideal ratio of protein to carbohydrates and from what sources—may vary a great deal from person to person, and that’s OK!

However, there IS one general guideline that everyone should follow for optimal energy, immunity and cognitive function: Eat a wide variety of whole, unprocessed, REAL foods! Whole foods are truly the single factor linking ALL healthy eating plans: DASH, vegetarian, paleo, omnivore, etc. Nobody disagrees that we all need more whole, real foods in our diets—every day!

Whole Foods Rule!

So, what is a “whole food” anyway? Whole foods resemble their original form in nature and are free from extensive processing and additives such as preservatives, oils, flavors, colors and sugar. Whole foods still contain the life-sustaining antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber that are missing from overly processed convenience foods and conventional “fast foods.”

REAL whole foods deliver the best nutrition bang for your buck and directly support the health of every cell in your body, which reduces the need for expensive multivitamins and other pill-form nutrients.

Ready to ditch the deluge of dietary supplements and start feeling great again? Begin nourishing your body and soul with more whole foods, starting today!

4 Fun Ways to Incorporate More Whole Foods Into Your Diet

1. Replace vs. Erase. Because going cold turkey can be tough!

• Replace the empty carb calories found in refined white flour bread or bagels with the more nutritious, sprouted whole grain varieties.
• Can’t kick the sweets? Replace processed sugar with whole food treats, such as dates, frozen grapes, homemade fruit-only popsicles or homemade soda made from 8 oz of sparkling water and 2 oz. of antioxidant-rich juice, such as pomegranate.

Try these truly tasty recipes from our blog!

Tropical Immune Refresher
Poma-Green Spritzer
SoTru Fruit & Seed Balls


2. Use the right tool for the job. Sure, there’s beauty in simplicity, but kitchen tools and gadgets make eating veggies more fun… especially for kids! A few of our favorites include:

• Collapsible veggie steamer – A light steam will soften difficult to digest veggies, such as broccoli and cauliflower, while bringing out hidden flavors. After steaming lightly for 3-5 minutes, add a bit of coconut oil or grass-fed butter, mix and enjoy!

• Mandoline slicer – It’s lightning fast, easy to use and fun! This tool will help you prep a week’s worth of salads in just 15 minutes flat.

• Spiralizer – Make crunchy veggie “noodles” to enjoy in salads and with pasta sauce. Get one that comes with both the noodle and the ribbon blade, so you can make your own dehydrated fruit snacks!


3. Get saucy. Sauces, marinades and dressings can transform an otherwise bland meal into a flavor explosion! There are literally hundreds of healthy eating cookbooks, including sauce-only cookbooks that await you for free at the library!


4. Make smoothies your #1 go-to fast food. Smoothies are the most ideal form of processed food, as blending breaks down tough plant cellulose and unlocks every delicious nutrient. Treat yourself with the perfect, on the go, whole food-based meal daily!

• Prepare a TRU’ly fantastic tasting, nutrient-dense smoothie with one of SoTru’s fermented plant protein blends. Each and every ingredient is sourced from REAL whole foods, then fermented for maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Try the SoTru Blueberry and Super-Greens smoothie recipe—It’s chocked full of yum!

SoTru is a fun, easy and delicious way for ALL of us to get more whole foods in our diet—kids and family too!

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Ingredients you know! The Clean Label Revolution!

We’ve all been there… standing in the grocery store aisle for what feels like an hour, reading the fronts and backs of labels—sometimes over and over—comparing products side-by-side, searching for simple ingredients that sound like they come from Mother Earth.

At one point, we trusted “natural,“ “healthy” and “wholesome” on labels, but our understanding of these terms has blurred over time. We’re now better educated about what makes food healthy and we want greater clarity and transparency from our food labels. Essential, we want to see ingredients that we know and trust—not 16-letter words that we can’t even pronounce.

Enter the “Clean Label”: the new standard that lets us know—for certain—that a food truly meets our health-savvy requirements.

Clean Products contain ingredients that are:

– Pronounceable
– Minimally processed
– Whole food-based

Clean Labels labels speak to our values and clearly communicate what we’re avoiding: added sugar, gluten, corn, soy, artificial flavors, artificial colors, etc.

The best companies take ingredient integrity a step further by thoughtfully sourcing Organic and/or Non-GMO ingredients. Often times (but not always) these labels indicate a “clean” product that you can trust to be both delicious and healthy!


Food companies in both natural and conventional grocery stores monitor buying trends and respond accordingly. By voting with our dollars and purchasing only “clean label” products, we can turn the tide toward true, sustainable healthy products as the norm!

At SoTru, our products are “clean” in every sense of the word. We formulated our products to meet our very high standards and ferment many of our non-GMO and organic ingredients, naturally enhancing both flavor and shelf life. We then finish our blends by adding digestive enzymes and pre-/probiotics to support optimal digestion and absorption.

Here’s to CLEAN, green, true nutrition for all!

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Shiitake Mushrooms to boost health!

Sage, a new natural health magazine in Canada, just published a great article suggesting that 5 grams of shiitake mushrooms a day could keep the naturopathic doctor away.

Shiitake is one of the twenty or so culinary mushrooms that works overtime as both food and medicine, supporting a healthy response to inflammation and boosting immunity when eaten as part of a balanced diet.

Shiitake’s immune-nourishing power comes from an inherent abundance of lentinan, a polysaccharide that supports optimal white blood cell production and activity within the body.

We couldn’t agree more with the article, which is why we’ve included Shiitake (along with five other prized mushrooms) in our stress/immune medicinal mushroom drink mix!

So, what’s is your favorite way to prepare Shiitake mushrooms?

sage-cover-mockup-2014-223x3005 Grams Sage Magazine

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Top 5 Reasons to Eat Fermented Food Products

Baby, you’ve got guts. And the gut that processes the food you eat is one of the most important areas of your body for maintaining good health and feeling great. If you want to make your GI tract happy, feed it fermented food products. Your gut loves fermented foods the way a doggie loves a good belly rub.

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Are you suffering from pill fatigue?

Dietary supplement bottles had dominated my kitchen counter-tops. I looked at the handful of foul-tasting pills in my hand and almost gagged. I was over it! After years of taking dietary supplements, pill fatigue had set in.

I did some research and found that some people are so turned-off by the thought of swallowing tablets and capsules that they reject dietary supplements completely. They would rather trade their quality of life and quantity of years for freedom from what I was experiencing.

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